Client Growth Skills Day

Thursday 29th June 2017

What it offers

The Client Growth Skills Day is designed to provide client-facing agency individuals with both the motivation and skills to grow their clients. We’ll equip them with tools to spot, develop and convert opportunities. Everybody will leave with at least one actionable ‘Go Grow’ plan for one their existing clients.

Growing existing clients: why it’s important

The fact is, your Agency is 5 times more likely to win new business from your existing clients than new clients. Yet most Agencies fail to approach this significant opportunity for profitable growth with the same energy, rigour and enthusiasm as the pursuit of new clients.

What you’ll learn

Growth needs to be planned for. This means leading rather than managing clients and identifying as yet unrecognised needs - signalling a shift in thinking and practice away from relationship selling to the far more powerful insight selling.

Who should attend?

All those in client-facing Agency roles, responsible for developing clients & selling the Agency’s products and services.


£785+ VAT

Guest Speaker: Chris Matthews on Client Mapping

One of the problems facing agencies is that they can spend too long with their principal client contact, and not broaden and deepen their relationship.

This brings two problems: first, if your contact moves on you (and brand managers change every 18 months or so) you are vulnerable to displacement. Second, seeing your client through one pair of eyes along can both reduce your effectiveness and limit opportunities for organic growth.

Chris will be demonstrating the approach to client mapping – a rational and effective way of navigating through the complexity of clients to increase your relevant contacts, and give you the opportunity of reaching budget holders you may not already have tapped.

“I recently attended the IPA “Entrepreneurship & Winning More Business From Your Clients” course, designed by JFDI. It provided me with a number of very practical and effective methods to utilize in my daily role as a senior client lead. Mark Clark from JFDI drew upon his many years of agency experience, sharing valuable insights and knowledge with the group which provided a broader perspective. I’d recommend this course to anyone with a senior agency client services role”.

Keeley Lee, Group Account Director BJL

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