Early Worm Club: Making Networking Work With Lee Warren, Business Psychologist and Magician

Thursday 1st June 2017

Relationships drive business, and good networkers thrive in any environment. Many people, however, find face-to-face networking difficult, even when they’re experienced at it. Worse, most people are not strategic enough about how to build their network, and just ‘hope for the best’ when attending events.

‘Making Networking Work’ is an interactive seminar designed to help you practice the skills needed to become a better networker. You’ll learn the best ways to meet people, the secret of remembering their names, when and how to leave a conversation and the skill of keeping a good conversation going. You’ll learn how to think strategically about growing your network, and how to follow-up - both in person and online. This is a ‘hands-on’ seminar and you will leave feeling confident and excited about your next networking event!

Who should come? Anyone who has to, or will have to, network on a regular basis and wants to get more out of it.

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