Highly Effective Selling Skills Webinar: How to Love the

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Part One: 15th June

Part Two: 22nd June


Sales. What a dirty word. In the agency world, unlike other professional services, the initial response to the ‘S’ world is often visceral and akin to horror.

No one likes to be thought of as a salesperson and yet ‘selling’ - aka persuading-the-client-to-hire-us-rather-than-our-competitor, is what we all have to do in order to thrive and grow in our increasingly competitive agency world.

Join Mark Clark and Chris Matthews in this two part series, as they discuss how agencies need to learn from businesses outside the category and adopt an organised, choreographed and efficient approach to selling.

There’s a valuable commercial opportunity waiting for those agencies willing to invest time in developing selling skills. As the market has failed to grasp it, whether through neglect or distaste, enterprising agencies can deploy and transform these skills into competitive market advantage, winning more business from new and existing clients.

This is a two-part series, the first webinar will be broadcast on 15th June and the second on 22nd June.

The cost is £35 plus VAT for the two. To book your ticket please click on the link on the events page, 15th June.

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