Francesca Brosan - Chairman & Co-Founder, Omobono

Service: Having Hands On Expertise

We worked with JFDI during an interregnum in our New Business resource.  I’d thought that it would be helpful to have someone covering the role of course, but the value was much greater than that.  First the weekly razor sharp focus on New Business was extremely helpful in simply getting stuff done.  Secondly Janine’s vast experience made her fantastic sounding board for challenges we were facing.  Third it enabled us to pull together an end to end ‘New Business Book’ which covered everything from positioning to promotion.  Without JFDI’s involvement it would just never have happened and it’s now the playbook for our marketing and new business activities going forward.  We all think that we should be able to do all this ourselves, but the benefit of having JFDI come in on a weekly basis was the trigger that turned it from something that might happen to something that did happen.  JFDI indeed!