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Emma Thwaite: Inside New Business Director

Emma is often called ‘a new business machine’.  With over 18 years of experience working within agencies, and dealing with everything from booking local market credential meetings to running global pitches, she understands that new business is the life blood of any agency. She also knows that it has to be a team effort and not just about investing in one person to lay the golden egg.

Starting life as a new business manager, ‘cold calling clients’, she has seen every aspect of new business and knows how important it is to have the right toolkit and structure in place to go out there and win.  She has worked with large networks, like Starcom and Leo Burnett, overcoming the problems faced when devising a new business strategy to smaller independent agencies specialising in design, digital, data or start up creative agencies.   

After leaving the role of Managing Partner at Havas Media, Emma now works as a consultant across all elements of new business; from making agencies pitch ready, preparing strategy and credentials all the way through to mentoring new business managers and developing teams.