Client Development - Grow Your Clients

Tuesday 7th September 2021

Succeed by growing your client’s business and yours

Designed to help those in client-facing roles learn the skills to lead and grow their existing client relationships. This takes careful planning, from aligning growth plans to your agency strategy, identifying growable clients, to knowing where to look and how to…

Negotiating In A Buyer's Market - The Art Of Agency Negotiation

Tuesday 28th September 2021

What everyone who negotiates should know

It’s always a buyer’s market and clients are keener than ever to negotiate with agencies. Along with the increasing presence of procurement in agency life, agencies are at a significant disadvantage if they don’t develop an understanding of, and their individual skills in,…


Why Agencies Need To Pitch Like Pigs

We know we win the pitches we commit to. An intention to win is simply not enough. Pitching should be all or nothing.

All in or fold.

One pitch at 100% rather than two pitches at 50%.

Clients want to know you…

How To Create Pitch-winning Stories

"I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.  Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine."  Emily Dickinson

Stories can help us to connect to others at a deep, almost primeval level through the power…


"I have just had a Zoom remote training session with Mark at jfdi on ‘Feeding the New Business Pipeline’ and it was genuinely the most helpful and practical information I have received. Mark’s experience and knowledge is invaluable to New Business professionals and his teaching style is friendly and enjoyable. Lucky to have had the opportunity for one-to-one, face time session on Zoom - which worked brilliantly. Hope to learn more from him in the future."

Hannah March, Head of New Business, Engine

"I recently completed some great training with Mark that was originally going to be an in person group session but due to lockdown was done via Zoom. Due to the new format Mark extended it to three shorter more personal sessions that were much more tailored to our specific business needs. Great session and lots of new strategies to implement as a result."

Nick Meakin, Head of Sport, Marcomms, Strategy, Activation at The Playbook

"Mark from jfdi ran a fantastic piece of Pitch Leadership training for our team on winning new business. His knowledge, acumen and engagement with the team were second to none. We left feeling inspired to put all we had learned into practice straight away, with a fresh understanding of what it takes to win the client rather than simply answering the pitch question. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to step up their pitching game."

Simon Harwood, Head of Strategy, the7stars

"We knew we were as good as most agencies at pitching when we approached jfdi but we also believed we could improve. Guided and inspired by a jfdi Pitch To Win Academy, we managed to turn an average 30% conversion rate into a plus 60% win rate. And we believe it will continue improve as we develop our pitch skills with jfdi."

Mark Mullooly, Business Development Director, Aesop

Our Team

Meet The Team

Our team all have agency backgrounds - where they worked in Senior Management as Strategists, New Business Directors and Client Service Directors. They understand the cut and thrust of daily agency life and the need to resolve the tension between theory and getting things done.  So they all share a common attitude and action oriented approach - the clue’s in our name - jfdi.