Happy St Lubbock’s Day?

Published: Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Did you know these 3 facts about the Bank Holiday weekend?

British Bank Holidays have been recognised as public holidays since 1871 when Liberal politician and banker St John Lubbock introduced the Bank Holidays Act.

The English people were so thankful that some called the first Bank Holidays St Lubbock’s Days for a while.

In 1971, the Whitsun Bank Holiday (Whit Monday) was formally replaced by a fixed spring holiday on the last Monday in May.

All very interesting but all we probably really care about is that we get an extra day off! In fact, with lots of children then on school half-term holidays, many of us will extend this bank holiday and enjoy a few days off, hopefully relaxing and enjoying some long overdue sunshine.

It has been a long and hard winter in the UK and Spring has been a bit slow to start, perhaps mirroring the economic climate. So, it will be a welcome chance for all of us to recharge our batteries and have some time for ourselves. But, then what?

For those who recently came on our Just Focus and Do It course, perhaps it will be a chance to put our action-plans into place?

It could also be an opportunity to inject some enthusiasm and energy back into our agency New Business strategies? In the JFDI office, we will be “going back to basics”. This doesn’t mean taking a step backwards or throwing out any creative ideas, but focusing on client service, nurturing relationships with our prospects and refocusing our attention on our core business and ideal client list. It also means taking the time to re-evaluate what has made us successful in New Business in the past.

Perhaps this may be a chance to look at the training needs of your agency people – both directly and indirectly involved in New Business and making sure that the New Business culture is filtering down through the whole agency? Remember that a good New Business record helps ensure that everyone stays motivated and engaged – there’s no better tonic for your agency than winning new clients and looking after them so well that they never want to leave – and not just because it keeps your bank balance healthy.

Having some time off allows the space for our brains to be creative and to gain perspective on what is important (have you noticed that you often get your best ideas when in the shower, driving in the car or exercising – when our brains go into an “alpha” state?). When you are truly relaxed, your awareness expands and fresh creative energy begins to flow. So perhaps, at the very least, we should make some time to just chill out!

Whatever this Bank Holiday weekend brings for you, we wish you a happy and healthy one.