Published: Tuesday 9th June 2015

Deadline for entries – 19th June 2015

Camilla Honey launched JFDI eleven years ago. Passionate about new business, the engine of agency growth, she spotted an opportunity. At that time, there was precious little resource available when agencies needed new business support. Sure, there were organisations and sources of advice for the big agency issues like creativity or managing client relationships. What was absent was specialist counsel on just how to win new business.

Fast forward and today, together with her company partner Mark Clark, JFDI has worked with hundreds of agencies, from global giants to start ups and everything in between – leading, sharing and implementing new business best practice.

Which suggests, of course, that agencies need and value specialist expertise. As the beating pulse of any agency, new business and agency growth are always pretty much top of the management agenda. They’re certainly top of ours.

To be successful, to convert new business, as we know from experience, is no easy task. In an over-supplied, competitive market that’s experiencing seismic changes, it’s tough to leave any kind of imprint on a client’s consciousness. And when we make that painstaking journey from initial contact to pitch success, we should celebrate and showcase our achievements.

Now there’s an opportunity to do just that. The TAONB has launched the UK Agency Awards, to showcase how successful agencies are marketing themselves, winning new business and contributing to agency growth. The judging panel comprises high profile clients together with industry experts and leaders.

As well as recognising tangible achievement, there is additional serious intent: the awards were designed by TAONB to establish a benchmark for best-in-class new business practice. This is vitally important if we aspire to ever-higher standards of creativity, strategic nous and innovation.

There are 26 categories open to all creative, design, digital, marketing, advertising, media and public relations agencies based in the UK.

You’re invited to demonstrate how your creative use of agency assets and marketing tools successfully generated awareness resulting in new business opportunities. There are also awards for individuals, clients, agency brands, agency growth, agency assets and culture. Plus, of course, there’s the Grand Prix.

We champion agency success in new business and encourage you to enter and support this long awaited and valuable initiative. The deadline is 19th June so as we like to say – jfdi!

For full details, including all the categories, click here.