New Business – is it really everyone’s business?

Published: Thursday 8th November 2012

jfdi has met with several agencies recently that share a similar problem: they have one individual tasked with generating new business opportunities.

Regardless of the size or stature of the agency, this is some responsibility, especially given the current market. Whilst pitching takes a huge amount of effort and time from everyone (not to mention the cost), an opportunity to win a new client also inspires and motivates teams, builds relationships and, if the agency wins, improves morale, confidence and in turn, future success.

This is a big ask from just one or two individuals.

Another trend we’ve noticed is agencies handing the task of new business to a senior client service employee who understands client related issues.

If this same client service person has little or no recent new business experience, then their task just got even more difficult. Effective new business isn’t rocket science. If anything it’s an art. But it does require a lot of effort.

An agency definitely needs someone to lead New Business, to have an eye on the long game, to be the first port of call for potential clients and generally keep the marketing wheels in motion. But the responsibility for generating real opportunities should be shared by everyone, from top to bottom.

There are many factors that help drive a new business culture in an agency, from specific KPI’s to an inspiring company vision. One of the first ways to start is an explicit acknowledgment of the shared responsibility for generating new business opportunities.

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