jfdi / Opinium New Business Barometer 2022 featured in the Drum

Large agencies’ new business spend bounces back; small agencies’ success rates fall Every year, new business consultancy JFDI partners with pollsters Opinium to create their New Business Barometer report. Following the release of this year’s report, we delve into its key findings and what they say about how agencies bounced back in 2021. This year’s New Business Barometer report has been released, bringing together data on the spend, successes, and struggles of new business professionals in the UK. Produced by new business specialists JFDI in partnership with strategic insights agency Opinium, it draws on a recent questionnaire completed by 116 new business professionals. Comparing this year’s data with five previous yearly iterations, the report tells a story of how the new business role has changed over that period in response to macro and market factors, as well as in-industry (and in-agency) developments. To read the full article, CLICK HERE

How to Build an Agency Client Referral Culture

How to ask for internal and external referrals from clients. 1. Why Client Referrals Asking for client referrals is one the easiest and most powerful ways to get in front of new business prospects – an effective and proven strategy for helping to build new business pipelines. The problem is, many agencies don’t exploit this opportunity or if they do, it lacks consistency. Therefore, the benefits are not fully realised. And the benefits are numerous – if everybody was to offer up say 2 potential contacts, these are potential easy wins. 2. Who to ask Who in the agency should you be asking for help in identifying clients that could make referrals? You should definitely be asking the senior management, client services and those who are generally well networked, but the truth is that everyone has potential connections that could be of value – either directly or indirectly. 3. Mindsets Overcoming negative mindsets is the key to success. These negative mindsets hold people back, and include: – It’s not my job – Fear of opening up a conversation with clients who may then turn the spotlight on the agency’s (poor) performance – It looks desperate, like I’m being a salesperson – It…