Your Perfect Partner will Find You

Published: Thursday 12th February 2015

The heart shaped chocolate boxes, the exquisite red roses, the abundance of mostly soppy cards radiating love vibes (which made it tiresome for me to buy a stack of birthday cards yesterday) – yep, I am the Valentine’s day equivalent to Scrooge at Christmas. 

But hey, all is not lost, as my theory is that THE right one, that special one, will find you – at least in the context of new business coupling and romance. But we do need to apply ourselves to ensure that the magic happens, that we make ourselves irresistible, literally.

So how do we do this? Well for a start, we’re very specific; we don’t have the time for false starts or failed romance. We say who we are, (and by inference, who we are not), what we do – and we imbue it with some passion. What sets our pulses racing? And what we say might not appeal to everyone, and that’s just fine. We just hone in on what makes us different, and valuable, namely our expertise.

Language is important here, it always is. It conveys a sense of personality. Here’s one that does it for me, exploiting a creative positioning, based in Seattle.

Wexley School for Girls is a Fan Factory. We cultivate and ignite consumers’ love for brands. We’re an advertising agency that creates engaged fanatics who deliver value in the real world and on the wide web one. We turn consumers into fans by creating experiences that interest and engage them over time. We make hearts race. We make voices scream”.

The name helps, as does their list of clients who include Nike, T-mobile and Microsoft.

Here’s another one, this time owning a niche area of expertise.

Jess3 is a creative agency that specialises in data visualisation”.

“At Jess3 we take complex topics and large data sets and make them accessible through beautiful visuals.

We are a creative interactive agency that specializes in the art of data visualization, adding context and meaning to the exponentially growing world of data around us”.

Jess3 have identified a specialised and growing area of opportunity and have staked their claim, powerfully and simply.

Your agency will have a positioning of some kind, so it’s far better to own, manage and exploit it to attract your ideal date – someone who needs you for who and what you are.

OK, here’s a nod to it:


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Janine Abrahams