In more recent times, the increasing presence of procurement in agency life, has meant that you / your agency is at a significant disadvantage if you don’t develop an understanding, and ideally skills, in the art of negotiation.

Our approach is not to compete with specialist negotiation skills providers but to provide a level of understanding that we believe everyone who negotiates of behalf the Agency (time, money and resources) should know.

We want to stop individuals, and therefore their agencies, being put at a significant disadvantage through lack of awareness and understanding.

What’s this all about then?

The objectives of this Academy are:

–          To give everyone who negotiates on behalf of the Agency insights and tools to ensure that they negotiate effectively

–          To manage client procurement teams and processes

–          To protect and maximise the value of your Agency’s work

This will include a full agency briefing on current negotiation situations & challenges. We will also identify any specific practices that need to be emphasized as part of this Academy Programme.

This Academy puts proven negotiation tools and techniques into an Agency context with practical examples and exercises.

We will also create a ‘one page’ negotiation template that will be briefed in as part of the Academy. This work culminates in a one day, off-site working.

Who should attend?

Those responsible for negotiating on behalf of your Agency. We know from experience that these sessions are optimised at 8 people.

What does it cost?
The Negotiation To Win Academy costs £5,000 + VAT.

When and where can we do this?
Because this academy is bespoke, we can do it anytime, anywhere. In terms of location, we recommend an inspirational, off-site venue to engage the team fully (so they’re not distracted by every-day agency life).

What happens next?
Get in touch with one of our team for more information on your day, and to book a session. Please call 01451 844047 or email us here.