What’s this all about then?


The objectives for this Academy will be:

  • To drive the culture of new business in your agency, highlighting where everyone can make a contribution
  • To build a culture of ownership of new business, encouraging individuals to spot and develop opportunities themselves
  • To equip agency staff with the tools and skills they need to become new business hunters


For all ambitious agencies new business is the lifeblood of the agency.  However, the responsibility for delivering new business often rests with just one or two individuals.  We know, from our experience, that agencies who achieve the most growth do so because they put new business at the heart of the agency, making it a priority for all and instilling an entrepreneurial culture within.

In this Academy we will equip your wider team with all the skills they need to start contributing effectively to the new business effort.  That might be contribution to marketing, defining and going after targets or spotting opportunities.  We’ll look at behaviours of winning agencies and at the best ways to develop your profile, both as an agency and individuals.

We’ll ask for a little preparation in advance (15 mins of homework before the course) and for everyone in the room to participate in the exercises.

Who should attend?

The wider team in your agency who can contribute to new business.

What does it cost?

The New Business Academy Workshop costs £5000 + VAT.

When and where can we do this?

Because this Academy is bespoke we can do it anytime, anywhere.  In terms of location we recommend an inspirational, off-site venue to engage the team fully (so they’re not distracted by everyday agency life).

What happens next?

Get in touch with one of our team for more information on your day, and to book a session. Please call 01451 844047 or email us here.