What’s this all about then?
The objectives for this academy will be:

  • To encourage greater interest and sense of responsibility to grow existing client business
  • To provide new business tools and skills to equip client-facing teams to spot, develop and convert opportunities from within their existing client portfolio
  • To develop client specific ‘Go Grow’ initiatives and plans across key clients

This will include a full Agency briefing session with jfdi® to ensure we have a thorough knowledge of your business, your clients, your growth targets and background on each of the attendees. We will, at this session, fine-tune the agenda to ensure we have covered your objectives.

This preparatory work culminates in a one day, offsite, working session, facilitated by jfdi®, with the key people in your agency ultimately responsible for growing client business.

We know the Academy session will kick-start internal interest and enthusiasm but we have also seen this investment further maximised through follow up 1:1 meetings – usually 2-4 weeks after the academy. We brief, manage and run these ‘Surgery Sessions’ on your behalf, to achieve the following:

  • To address any individual issues/barriers
  • To maintain internal momentum and adoption after the academy session
  • To develop minimum of 2 ‘live’ Go Grow initiatives and plans per person.

These would be run as eight 45 minute surgery sessions at your offices on a single day.

Who should attend?
The Organic Growth Academy is for those responsible for New Business at Management level. We know from experience that these sessions are optimised at 5-8 people.

What does it cost?
The Organic Growth Academy costs £5,000 + VAT. The cost to plan, prepare and run a day of Surgery Sessions is £1,600 + VAT.

When and where can we do this?
Because this academy is bespoke, we can do it anytime, anywhere. In terms of location, we recommend an inspirational, off-site venue to engage the team fully (so they’re not distracted by every-day agency life).

What happens next?
Get in touch with one of our team for more information on your day, and to book a session. Please call 01451 844 047 or email us here.