What’s this all about then?

The objectives for this academy will be:

To significantly improve pitch presentations made on behalf of your agency, honing your presentation skills, both as individuals and as a team

To give you an understanding of how to prepare effectively for a pitch presentation, where to focus and what to consider

To know how to structure, write and deliver a winning pitch presentation

Presentations are a a significant part of every pitch. Where good is rarely good enough, winning pitches have a crafted combination of logic, creativity, structure, emotion, storytelling, body language and quick thinking. We believe that creating and delivering outstanding pitch presentations is a skill everyone can learn and this Academy focuses on how to prepare, write and deliver winning pitches, both as an individual and a team.   

We’ll ask for a little preparation in advance (15mins of homework) and for everyone to participate in the exercises on the day.

This Academy can be customised to place the emphasis on either content and structure or delivery. They are run by our JFDI pitch presentation coaches, drawing on real worls, contemporary insights and proven tools and techniques. 

Who should attend?

Anyone who is responsible for presenting pitches on behalf of your agency, whether the CEO, Account Manager or Creative Director. We know from experience that these sessions are optimised at 6-8 people.


What does it cost?

Our Pitch Presentation Academy, including Agency briefing, design, content customisation and delivery, costs £5,000 + VAT.


When and where can we do this?

Because this academy is bespoke, we can do it anytime, anywhere. In terms of location, we recommend an inspirational, off-site venue to engage the team fully (so they’re not distracted by every-day agency life).


What happens next?

Get in touch for more information and to discuss your specific needs and challenges.