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The increasing presence of procurement in Agency life means that you and your Agency are at a significant disadvantage if you fail to develop an understanding, and ideally skills, in the art of negotiation. The Academy is designed to provide a level of understanding that we believe everyone who negotiates on behalf the Agency should know. Those attending the Academy will be equipped with the necessary insights and tools to ensure they negotiate effectively with client procurement teams – protecting and maximizing the value of your Agency’s work. Following an Agency briefing session, we’ll customize the content to reflect the skills levels of your negotiators, the attendees. The one-day working session will comprise training and workshop exercises. Designed for a group of 6 to 8 people who have responsibility for negotiating on behalf of your Agency.

Testimonials: Agency Negotiation Academy

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark's session on negotiation.

Mark's knowledge and delivering was well tuned to the audience that included both novices and seasoned negotiators.  In the space of a day, Mark's material and delivery covered many of the areas that you would find on courses lasting several weeks.

I recommend Mark to any colleagues looking for a refresher of their skills or guidance into the world of negotiation.

Glen Menezes, Chief Financial Officer, Brandwidth

I had a session with Mark in the Agency Negotiation Academy and came in open minded to see what little gems I could take back into my role as a Head of Finance.

I was so blown away by the sheer amount of knowledge, insight and experience that was shared. You can’t put a price on his level and depth of experience truly.
Marks ability to assess each person’s business issues and help not just find a solution but build a framework we could use and build on and add value to our businesses. I am still going over the pages of notes I have written down to try and canonise them.

To say I highly recommend the Agency Negotiation Academy is not even the correct turn of phrase.
If you don’t sign up for the Academy, you are missing out on the level up you and your business needs. Every business leader needs to take this programme and put their business leaders through it. Truly a game changer!

Kayon Otubela, Head of Finance, Velocity Partners

A number of our group's Finance Directors had the pleasure of spending a day with Mark in an Agency Negotiation Academy.

Mark's session was one of the most insightful and valuable training workshops I have attended. As well as being insightful, his content was well curated so as to be relevant to the senior financial attendee list.

Mark illustrated his concepts well by pulling examples from his personal experiences and prompted excellent discussions amongst the group, helping us to highlight shared challenges (and solutions) within the our group.

The workshop also provided us with usable frameworks and practical actions to take away with us giving me confidence the session will lead to tangible value moving forward.

David Broomfield, Chief Finance Director Shopper Media Group

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