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Clients are our greatest assets. They define us more than anything else. Yet there’s an uncomfortable truth that most agencies are only three client calls away from closure.

The majority of agencies have become masters of client management but few offer true client leadership. And it’s leadership that clients want and value – but are less prepared to pay for.

For any agency that can deliver it, there’s clearly a competitive advantage.

It’s an investment with significant returns – not least being paid above market rate for the work that you do and the opportunity to develop and grow your clients. So how do you go about it?

It starts with a Client Development Health Check. Working 1:1 with a jfdi Consultant, we’ll review your approach to client management – assessing your client portfolio, client feedback and growth plans.

In advance of the session, we’ll provide you with jfdi tools and templates to help you prepare. We aim to spend the majority of the time reviewing and analysing your current approach, and providing actionable recommendations moving forwards.

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