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Grow with your Clients - Skills Session

Succeed by growing your client's business and yours. This is to give those in a client facing role the skills to lead and grow their existing client relationships. This session will equip you with the techniques and strategies to lead and grow business. A vital skill. <!-- Your Agency is 5 times more likely to win new business from existing clients, yet most Agencies fail to exploit this significant profitable growth opportunity in favour of pursuing new client business. The Academy equips your client-facing teams with both the motivation and skills to grow their clients. We’ll detail why this is so important to them personally and the continued health of the Agency. Across the day, we’ll provide them with tools and insights to spot, develop and convert opportunities and they’ll leave with at least one ‘Go Grow’ plan for an existing client. Preparation includes an Agency briefing to review the Agency’s client growth strategy, current growth performance and key clients targeted for growth. This enables us to tailor our content for the day. Attendees will join a group of 6 to 8 of their peers, so they’ll be time for networking and exchanging experiences. -->

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