New Business is the lifeblood of an agency and having the right skills in place are crucial. However, finding and training that person takes time and investment, time and money that agencies don’t often have.

jfdi® Inside provides immediate in-house new business talent for agencies who want to jfdi when it comes to their new business departments. We place a jfdi® consultant in your office for a fixed time each month to execute the best-laid plans that the agencies desperately need to get on with, but don’t have the time. We can also train full time members of your team as we go, so you can build up that skill set without compromising on getting things done now.

What makes us different from a freelancer? Your consultant might be the person in your office, but the wider jfdi® team is behind the scenes so you get the benefit of their experience too. Secondly, a freelancer can (and probably will) up sticks for a better offer – we’re committed to your business for as long as you need us.

If you want to talk to jfdi® about your new business department then get in touch.

“In my opinion, JFDI have an unrivalled knowledge of new business and they are consistently tapped into the highest calibre of talent. The opportunity to have a member of the JFDI team based here on site is worth its weight in gold and makes a huge difference to how we approach new business.” Sarah Todd, CEO, Geometry Global