New Business Health Check

Generating new business opportunities is a significant investment for every agency. But not all opportunities are equal and quality wins over quantity.

Most agencies play the ‘numbers’ game – their new business approach is largely opportunistic and tactical. But the most successful new business winning agencies do it differently, instead focussing on strategy. Strategy shapes their offer to market, their prospecting approach and marketing activity.

Taken together, these deliver the marginal gains required to create significant competitive advantage.

And every agency could deploy this more effective route to winning more new business, more often. The question is – how?

It starts with a New Business Health Check, working 1:1 with a jfdi Consultant. The aim is to review your past activity and identify changes in your approach that will have the greatest impact and ROI on your new business time and resources.

We’ll be reviewing your new business performance, including your agency proposition, prospecting strategies and marketing plans – and the results delivered.

Our jfdi tools and templates will be provided in advance to help you prepare for this working session. The intention is to spend the majority of the time reviewing and analysing your performance – resulting in insights and actionable recommendations.

Testimonials: New Business Health Check

"I was thrilled with the New Business Healthcheck. Before investing in this I'd found all other new business advice to be either a bit wishy washy or simply just unrealistic. But working with Camilla helped us break down exactly what worked best for us and why, all based on where we were ultimately trying to get to. I'd recommend the process to any agency that needs straight-forward, actionable outcomes from a new business session."

Iain Swan, Strategy Director, Bright

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