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Pitch Health Check

New business is costly and pitching is the most visible part of that investment. A recent ISBA survey found that when agency time, production and management costs are included, even a relatively small pitch comes in at around £30,000.

Given that an average agency pitches around 25 times a year, there are many agencies spending a lot of money - in the region of £750,000 annually.

Add to this the fact that the typical conversion rate is 1 win out of 3, then the bad news is that most agencies are spending around £500,000 a year losing pitches.

So there’s clearly a commercial advantage in outperforming the market, which is precisely what the most successful agencies do – but how?

It starts with a Pitch Health Check, working 1:1 with a jfdi Consultant. The objective is to highlight where to focus both your energy and investment to increase your competitive advantage.

It covers your strategy and process, any potential skills gaps and how to communicate and deliver the most compelling presentation on the pitch day.

We’ll provide you with jfdi tools and templates to help you prepare for this joint working session. The aim is to spend the majority of the time reviewing and analysing performance, generating insights and actionable recommendations. 

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