‘New Business and Marketing’ is a small phrase for a big job, and covers all manner of sins. As a New Business or Marketing person, you will need many strings to your bow and the New Business Skills day can equip you with the skills you need to develop a strategy and plan to hit your new business targets.

What’s this all about then?
The biggest concern we hear from people with responsibility for new business is “Where do I start – there is so much to cover?” This at a time when the economic climate is still incredibly tough, the rise in importance of social media adds to the “to do list” and head count freezes have meant there is less resource available.

But, it is possible. The key is to work effectively and more strategically. It is all in the planning, and you need to start by working out what the agency needs to achieve from a short, medium and long term perspective. Once that is articulated by the agency partners, you can start to put a structure to your new business activities. Then you can focus your efforts on the individual elements of your plan. Do you really need to speak at conferences, enter awards, or tweet this year? The answer may be yes, but once a goal and target for the year has been set it is much easier to see the best route to getting there and where to focus your attention to achieve the results you need.

Our New Business Skills Day will help you set out a strategy and plan to cover the crucial elements you need to focus on to hit your new business targets.

What’s involved?
You’ll join a group of 8 New Biz people for a full day packed with information, exercises, practical tips and tools and plenty of opportunity to share insights and experiences. Covering every aspect of a New Business and Marketing plan, you’ll learn how to identify ideal clients and spot real opportunities, gain a deeper understanding of the new business marketplace and how it looks to a client, how to create differentiating agency marketing material and learn the skills needed for effective RFI responses. You’ll also get the inside track on working effectively with Procurement and how to measure your return on new business investment.

On top of all this, you will learn how to develop opportunities and get the advice you need to help you reach your new business targets.

Who should attend?
Anyone for whom New Business is a bit of a dark art, whether you’re ‘new’ to new business and need to learn the skills quickly, or if you are in need of an update on the new business scene.

What does it cost?
£750 per person, plus VAT.

When and where can I do this?
9 June 2015, 9.30am – 5.30pm at Wallacespace, 2 Dryden St, London.

Get in touch with one of the team to register your interest. Don’t forget, if you think a group of people in your agency would benefit, we can do a closed session just for you at any time in the year.

What happens next?
Get your skills honed and book a place! Please call 01451 844 047 or email us here.