Drawing upon our extensive experience of agency pitching, we’ve identified pitch-winning behaviours adopted by agencies whose pitch conversion rates out-perform the market. How pitches are led and managed has a profound effect on pitch performance. The objective of this skills day is to improve your agency’s pitch performance by developing the skills of your pitch leaders.

What’s this all about then?
Pitch-winning teams have at least one thing in common: strong leadership. This doesn’t just mean one person making all the decisions or taking all the responsibility. It means a team of people who understand their roles, lead their individual teams, take responsibility for their decisions and have the discipline and drive it takes to win.

Pitch teams that demonstrate strong leadership skills exude it in all their behaviour. They commit fully to the pitch – everything else comes second. They are brave and confident in their work and ability, unafraid to push for better. They are strong communicators, motivate and empower their juniors and support their peers. They are decisive and take responsibility for those decisions. They do not give up. They go above and beyond in delivering, both for their team and for the client. These skills are applied at every stage of the pitch, from the first client contact to the post-pitch feedback.

This course is designed to give you the insight and ability to develop these crucial pitch leadership skills.

What’s involved?
You’ll join a group of 8 pitch leaders for a full day of insights, practical tools, exercises and inspiration.  More specifically you will walk away with a clear understanding of the competitive advantages that win pitches – before, during and after a pitch presentation – above and beyond just answering the client pitch brief.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is responsible for leading and winning pitches on behalf of their agency

What does it cost?
£750 per person, plus VAT.

When can I do this?
For dates in 2015 please call Gina on 01451 844047. If you think a group of people in your agency would benefit, we can do a closed session just for you.

What happens next?
Be a leader and book a place on one of the jfdi® Pitch Leadership Skills Days. Please call 01451 844 047 or email us here.