It used to be the relentless pursuit of the few by the many. And for many agencies it still is. Black books, a full Rolodex or CRM system and a red hot phone. Of course it works – agencies win New Business this way. But it is becoming less and less effective. We need a better mousetrap. There is another way….in our opinion – a better way.

What’s this all about then?

Creating and managing a pipeline of new business opportunities are the most highly valued skills a New Business person can possess. No pipeline, no pitches. Our Prospecting & Marketing Skills course will equip you with proven strategies, ideas and tools to help you develop and manage your new business pipeline. There is a smarter way than ambulance chasing and tactical opportunism. It’s not rocket science. You have to be committed but we know it works having worked with over 300 agencies.

On this course we’ll be joined by a guest speaker who is an expert in this field and will add to your depth of knowledge in key areas.

What’s involved?
You’ll join a group of 8 new business people for a full day of insights, practical tools, exercises and inspiration.

You will walk away having covered every aspect of agency prospecting and marketing to enable you to start building your pipeline the very next day.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is responsible for new business growth, whether you’re a new business person, an Account Director with new business responsibilities or someone who wants to learn!

What does it cost?
£750 per person, plus VAT.

When and where can I do this?
Our Prospecting & Marketing Skills Day is scheduled for 9th July 2015. If you think a group of people in your agency would benefit, we can do a closed session just for you.

What happens next?
Start your journey to a full pipeline and book a place today! Please call 01451 844047 or email us here.