Carla Knight, Client Services Director , Notch Communications

Services: Creating New Business Plans, Filling Pipelines, Growing Existing Client Business, Instilling a New Business Culture, Selling The Agency's Products and Services

New Business is a vital work stream for every agency.

Our senior team have just invested in a jfdi New Business Academy working with Mark, planning our prospecting strategies and focussing on the year ahead. What a day!

We learnt a lot, planned a lot - and came away energised, with a clear action plan. Each one of us understanding that 'new business is everyone's business' and that we will all play a vital role over the next 12 months, in ensuring that we grow with our clients, and partner with the right new clients for our business.

I wholeheartedly recommend jfdi to any agency looking at enhancing or even just starting to focus on their new business strategy. This Academy has given us a clear direction and the confidence that we can reach our new business goals.