Kayon Otubela, Head of Finance, Velocity Partners

Services: Growing Existing Client Business, Selling The Agency's Products and Services

I had a session with Mark in the Agency Negotiation Academy and came in open minded to see what little gems I could take back into my role as a Head of Finance.

I was so blown away by the sheer amount of knowledge, insight and experience that was shared. You can’t put a price on his level and depth of experience truly. Marks ability to assess each person’s business issues and help not just find a solution but build a framework we could use and build on and add value to our businesses. I am still going over the pages of notes I have written down to try and canonise them.

To say I highly recommend the Agency Negotiation Academy is not even the correct turn of phrase. If you don’t sign up for the Academy, you are missing out on the level up you and your business needs. Every business leader needs to take this programme and put their business leaders through it. Truly a game changer!