Jason De Winne, General Manager, ICLP

Services: Creating New Business Plans, Filling Pipelines
The New Business Academy allowed us to hit the reset button and we’re now feeling energised with a renewed sense of confidence. Camilla's experience and expertise was invaluable during the course of the day. Together we developed a new business and marketing strategy which we feel sure will help deliver…

Becky Munday, CEO, Mando

Services: Filling Pipelines, Instilling a New Business Culture
“Highly recommended by our colleagues at WPP, we hired JFDI to instil an entrepreneurial new business culture within the agency. We wanted to create a mentality where seeking out and developing new business opportunities becomes the norm, building a sense of shared commercial responsibility. The Entrepreneurship Academy certainly delivered. Camilla…

James Turner, Media & Planning Director, the7stars

Services: Creating Pitch Leaders, Winning Pitches
“This was one the best and most worthwhile days of training I've been on. Mark was a great facilitator, allowing us to determine the flow and direction of the day, whilst still keeping us on track with the main objectives. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and it's…

Richard Stokes, Global Chief Development Officer, Maxus

Services: Creating Pitch Leaders, Winning Pitches
“We worked with Mark, Camilla and the JFDI team on a training initiative recently. Essentially to help us improve the already high standard of pitching we conduct as a global agency network. So we were looking for new ways of working, tools and inspiration. We got this and plenty more.…

Treina Smyth, Business Development Manager, The Purple Agency

Services: Filling Pipelines
"I attended the Prospecting and Marketing Skills course with Mark and found it to be an extremely useful and informative day, in fact, it went too fast! As well as picking up new skills and tips for prospecting and ensuring delivery is realistic, it also consolidated and confirmed approaches I…

Chris Freeland, CEO, Rapp UK

Services: Growing Existing Client Business, Spotting And Converting Growth Opportunites
“JFDI's Highly Effective Selling Skills Bitesize – quite simply the best training programme we’ve done in a long while”.

Margaret Johnson OBE, Group CEO, Leagas Delaney

Services: Inside - Hands On New Business Support
“The Inside support has been invaluable. We’ve now created and have a really strong commitment to our new business plan, and most importantly, its delivery. Without the unrivalled experience and expertise of Camilla & Emma it simply wouldn’t have happened. The value it is delivering has way exceeded our expectations”.

Sharan Cheema, Client Services Director, Navigate Digital

Services: Growing Existing Client Business
I attended the Entrepreneurship & Winning More Business From Your Clients accelerator session at the IPA and would recommend anyone in a client-facing role to attend. I have left with actionable points to work on which can easily be conveyed and transferred to others at my agency. JFDI’s Go Grow…

Claire Knight, Senior Client Director, Everything Different

Services: Growing Existing Client Business
JFDI’S Mark Clark brought to life each section of the course with relevant examples and opened our eyes to things we can apply immediately as quick wins along with some more longer-term models. The learning book was really useful in terms of being able to take away something tangible and…

Jim Glodkowski, Digital Project Director, McCann Manchester

Services: Growing Existing Client Business
"It was well structured and gave some real ‘light bulb moments’, not only in terms of the best places to look for opportunities, but also how to quickly establish the validity of those opportunities and the best way to act if appropriate. I came out of it with some useful…

Matthew Jarman, Client Director, Lakestar McCann

Services: Growing Existing Client Business
"Excellent course on a topic which is vital to my role. Entire day was genuinely insightful and filled with great tips, tools and models which have already had a positive impact on the way I manage and grow accounts."

Francesca Brosan, Chairman & Co-Founder, Omobono

Services: Inside - Hands On New Business Support
Camilla and Janine provided a razor-sharp focus on New Business and getting things done. Their vast experience made them a fantastic sounding board for challenges we were facing, ranging from positioning to agency marketing.

Steve Osborne - Partner, Osborne Pike

Services: Creating New Business Plans, Filling Pipelines
“JFDI's Prospecting and Marketing Skills day is a comprehensive walk-through of the processes and disciplines needed to make new business work in a 21st Century agency. With plenty of alternative prospecting strategies to choose from you'll leave feeling well-equipped to both do your job and to provide your colleagues with…

Rupert Doggett - Operations Director, Ogilvy Healthworld Advertising

Services: Filling Pipelines
"I found the prospecting course to be extremely helpful. Rather than having to rely on a basic list of potential contacts and opportunities, I now have a strategic framework that I can use to develop a plan of activity to move opportunities along the pipeline. I highly recommend this to…

Caroline Frith, New Business Manager, The&Partnership

Services: Filling Pipelines
"New Business is tough and getting tougher, which makes JFDI a breath of fresh air. Camilla's honest, invaluable and informative approach gives a whole new energy to the way agencies should approach new business. Helps you work through the analytics of past performance to raise up to another level, leaving…

Dom Robertson, Managing Director, RPM

Services: Creating New Business Plans, Filling Pipelines
"Having carefully aligned our business objectives with our professional development requirements, I truly believe our JFDI workshop will have a significant and positive impact upon our ongoing success this year. Our people came back believing it had been one of the most focused, informative and actionable courses we have ever…

Matt Isaacs, CEO, Essence Digital

Services: Winning Pitches
"Essence has been on an extraordinary journey over the last few years taking billings from £7.8m in 2007/8 to over £170m in 2011/12. We have come a long way since JFDI agreed to run a series of workshops with our Executive team in a musty and smoky upstairs room of…

Kate Brundle, Business Development & Marketing Director, Livity

Services: Winning Pitches
"JFDI’s Pitch Leadership Skills day really focuses your mind on some of the areas of pitching that might be forgotten in the heat of the pitch, but really make the difference between winning and losing. There is a good balance between “teaching” moments, interactive moments and “sharing” moments with other…